• Coming Releases 2018-2019

    There Is No Sin has a new record coming and Pola has an EP on the way.

  • There Is No Sin European Tour

    Show dates expected to be announced October 2018

  • New Pola EP Release

    Pola will be back with an EP release winter 2018.

  • There Is No Sin Rerelease

    It's September 2018 and the first TINS record is back. Remastered with bonus tracks!

March iTunes Giveaway Contest

March iTunes Giveaway Contest

To help promote the coming release of indie band There Is No Sin’s new CD We Are Revealed, we gave away two $10 iTunes gift certificates today! The Twitter contest was super simple. You won one of two prizes by … Continue reading

There Is No Sin Announcement

Starting this week we’re sending out little cards letting everybody in on the new release. We Are Revealed doesn’t have a release date yet, but we’re hoping that Summer 2011 narrows it down! The official site, http://wearerevealed.com will have all … Continue reading

Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Jodee Cox and Isaac Abadi! They both won $10 iTunes gift certificates via email. And a huge, huge thank you to everyone who said to hello and posted our links. We have another promotion coming up this month, … Continue reading

February iTunes Giveaway Contest

If you’re an iTunes user, our Friday contest is for you! The rules are super simple. You can win one of two prizes: a $10 iTunes gift certificate or…a $10 iTunes gift certificate! Odds depend on how many entries we … Continue reading

First Twitter, Then Facebook!

We’ve been online a lot lately with the new There Is No Sin CD. Turns out trying to generate some noise is kinda fun. We’ve got a few more months before it comes out. Then, someone asked if we had … Continue reading

Annonçant Notre Gagnants Du Concours

Click to watch the video on YouTube! La vidéo gagnante pour “El Cid” a été tiré par Rukshan Thenuwara en Californie. Ceci l’un a sailli pour quelques raisons : c’était la seule soumission originale a tiré dans le noir & le … Continue reading

Nouvelle Année, Nouveau Site Web

Nous célébrons la nouvelle année en dévoilant le site officiel pour la prochaine n’ya pas de CD Sin “Nous sont révélés.” Dans cette chanson s’appelle “Untitled”. Il s’agit de la troisième voie hors du disque à venir. Il met en … Continue reading

New Year, New Site!

We’re celebrating the New Year by unveiling the official site for the upcoming There Is No Sin CD “We Are Revealed.” The featured song is called “Untitled.” It’s the third track off the upcoming disc. It features some of the … Continue reading

Announcing Our Contest Winners!

The winning video for “El Cid” was shot by Rukshan Thenuwara in California. This one stuck out for a few reasons: it was the only original submission shot in black & white and he emailed us personally. Troy laughed: “I … Continue reading

There Is No Sin Nouveau travail d’art de Couverture de CD

Ici c’est ! Le photographe français Christophe Garnier a rencontré Troie–a/k/a il n’y A pas de Péché–through Gazouillement. Le deux ont couvé rapidement un projet pour la seconde il n’y A pas de CD de Péché. Christophe’s belle photographie ornera … Continue reading