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What Is This?

. Well. We have a surprise for you. As if it were leaked from a secret lab, here is a screenshot from the new There Is No Sin video! We know two things so far: the actress in the video … Continue reading

There Is No Sin’s Monkey Troubles

It’s here! The brand new video for There Is No Sin’s recently released CD We Are Revealed was completed recently by filmmaker Rukshan Thenuwara. Like the video for “El Cid,” this one too was shot in California. The costume, the … Continue reading

El Cid Video Redux!

Thanks to the filmmaker Rukshan Thenuwara, there is now an HD director’s cut of the El Cid video for There Is No Sin. Troy got together with Rukshan and they decided to make the former contest winner the official video. … Continue reading

Announcing Our Contest Winners!

The winning video for “El Cid” was shot by Rukshan Thenuwara in California. This one stuck out for a few reasons: it was the only original submission shot in black & white and he emailed us personally. Troy laughed: “I … Continue reading

Make Their Video Contest. It’s A Wrap!

The entries are all in! In September we announced a music video contest on KevChino.com and it’s finally drawn to a lumbering close. Contestants were asked to make a video set to one of the two pre-release songs by There … Continue reading

Our Make A Video Contest. Win $200.

Our promotion for There Is No Sin’s CD kicks off this Friday 9/24. All you need to do to enter? Make a smashing video. We’ve got two tracks to choose from and two Grand Prizes of $200 to give away. … Continue reading

New Video from There Is No Sin in My Body

MySpace has the exclusive video for There Is No Sin in My Body’s song Performing. It was just released, so go have a look. Pretty please. There Is No Sin in My Body – Performing – Music Video There Is … Continue reading

Cartoons with Clip

Say hello to Mairead O’Liathain’s fun new animated video for There Is No Sin’s song Alter! The video was actually created on an iPhone. It was a painstaking process apparently. Head over to YouTube for the free music video and … Continue reading