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New Record From There Is No Sin

What The F? OK. We’re stunned. Last we heard, the next record we’d be getting our hands on would be Troy’s neo-punk project with the TINS trio. After Max Garcia Conover’s introspective release, this made sense to us. Instead, it … Continue reading

Coming October 25th 2011

There Is No Sin We Are Revealed – Release Date October 25, 2011

‘ October! 25! New CD! YAY! The U.S. release date for the new There Is No Sin CD We Are Revealed will be October 25th, 2011. That’s just two months away! As a featured download in Under The Radar, the … Continue reading

There Is No Sin Announcement

Starting this week we’re sending out little cards letting everybody in on the new release. We Are Revealed doesn’t have a release date yet, but we’re hoping that Summer 2011 narrows it down! The official site, http://wearerevealed.com will have all … Continue reading