Live Video of There Is No Sin on YouTube

Live Video of There Is No Sin on YouTube

Portland musician Joshua Madore put together a show at Geno’s Rock Club in Portland, Maine. There Is No Sin’s Troy Keiper performed with just an acoustic guitar. This was shot at the end of 2009. You should check in with Joshua’s band now. The video...

Portland Maine Live with There Is No Sin

It was a rather intimate affair at Geno’s in Portland last week. Joshua Madore and his band hosted a fun show. It was the last of 2009’s music for There Is No Sin. On the heels of the debut CD, it was fun to hear the music played live for the first time....

Live Tracks from There Is No Sin

Head over to the band site for a listen. We’ll be hosting the video from these performances starting this Monday. They were taped sans crowd at the enchanting Portland, Maine pub The Snug.