Scissor Kick Elves

Scissor Kick Elves

What the hell is going on here? Download this MP3. We have very little information on this project so far. All we know is that this recording has a guest vocalist and it’s not Zekel Mozie. That dude’s dead. Download Now

There Is No Sin – New Tracks Next Week!

There will be two brand new tracks going up on There Is No Sin in My Body’s MySpace page next week. Possibly on the band site. We’ll look forward to hosting some MP3s here too soon. If you’d like to receive email updates on the CD as well as a...

There Is No Sin MP3 Download Coming 2/25!

For the last several thousand years, Ash Wednesday has had nothing to do with free music. Until now! Come back here next Wednesday 2/25 and get a free MP3 single download from the upcoming There Is No Sin in My Body CD! Careful what you give up.