There Is No Sin First CD Is Back

It’s back! We  remastered, retracked and reeverythinged the 2009 release by There Is No Sin. We needed to take down this the record in June to fix some issues with distribution and titling. As soon as we did, the messages … Continue reading

Tour Poster for There Is No Sin

We thought we’d share this with you. It’s a little something that we cooked up for There Is No Sin’s fall tour. They’ll write the show info on the clouds. Most importantly, it features an appearance by a very special … Continue reading

Under The Radar Fall Issue with There Is No Sin

As it was announced yesterday, There Is No Sin is going to have one of their tracks featured in the Under The Radar Digital Sampler! With 60,000 readers and more online, it’s a cool way to welcome the release of … Continue reading

New Joshua Madore EP August!

Joshua Madore has a new EP coming out in August. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, you can click here for Josh’s page.

New Promo Photo from There Is No Sin

Ta da! Here’s the latest photo of Troy from There Is No Sin! This was from the second photo shoot this month. The first featured some images that got vetoed because of their macabre nature (now known amongst our friends … Continue reading

Ireland’s Pop Culture Monster Says Yes!

Pop Culture Monster is the first publication in with a review of We Are Revealed. They have a reputation for jumping on new artists and releases. If you’re not familiar with the site, it’s a fun music, movies and gaming … Continue reading

El Cid Video Redux!

Thanks to the filmmaker Rukshan Thenuwara, there is now an HD director’s cut of the El Cid video for There Is No Sin. Troy got together with Rukshan and they decided to make the former contest winner the official video. … Continue reading

Merch for There Is No Sin’s New Release?!

Bet you didn’t expect to see us selling t-shirts for There Is No Sin, did you? Well, you can relax. We’re not selling out (unless you really want one of these). No, it was a gift for Troy to celebrate … Continue reading

Ad in Redefine Mag

We’ve started our ads for the new There Is No Sin CD. First up is the Pacific Northwest art journal Redefine Magazine. If you pop over to their site you’ll see our ad in the upper right for the next … Continue reading

There Is No Sin Band - We Are Revealed CD

There Is No Sin – We Are Revealed

There Is No Sin has a new CD coming out at the end of the summer and you can be the first on the block with it!

It’s the second release by this wonderfully elusive Portland, Maine band. Pop Culture Monster recently previewed it and summed it up: “Poetic and beautiful, There Is No Sin have managed to pull off a sophomore album even more salient than their previous output.” Continue reading