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There Is No Sin First CD Is Back

It’s back! We¬† remastered, retracked and reeverythinged the 2009 release by There Is No Sin. We needed to take down this the record in June to fix some issues with distribution and titling. As soon as we did, the messages … Continue reading

March iTunes Giveaway Contest

To help promote the coming release of indie band There Is No Sin’s new CD We Are Revealed, we gave away two $10 iTunes gift certificates today! The Twitter contest was super simple. You won one of two prizes by … Continue reading

Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Jodee Cox and Isaac Abadi! They both won $10 iTunes gift certificates via email. And a huge, huge thank you to everyone who said to hello and posted our links. We have another promotion coming up this month, … Continue reading

February iTunes Giveaway Contest

If you’re an iTunes user, our Friday contest is for you! The rules are super simple. You can win one of two prizes: a $10 iTunes gift certificate or…a $10 iTunes gift certificate! Odds depend on how many entries we … Continue reading

Get Us Online at iTunes, Amazon, Napster and eMusic

Some fans are just plain amazing. Chris from Chicago went out of his way to find our latest CD when it was released and had zero luck with iTunes. Luckily, we’ve put down our Walkmen and IBM Selectrics long enough … Continue reading