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There Is No Sin’s Last Show of 2013

On 5/17 at Blue in Portland, There Is No Sin will play their final show of 2013. Fans seems to be taking this more heavily than the band. For Troy, the band’s creator, this isn’t a bad thing: “I like … Continue reading

Will Gattis. There Is No Sin. Nov 1st. Portland.

Well, lookee here! Troy and Will are playing together at last! This Thursday night, Will’s releasing a new EP and he invited There Is No Sin to tag along. If you show up at Empire 11/2, not only will you … Continue reading

What Is This?

. Well. We have a surprise for you. As if it were leaked from a secret lab, here is a screenshot from the new There Is No Sin video! We know two things so far: the actress in the video … Continue reading

There Is No Sin’s Monkey Troubles

It’s here! The brand new video for There Is No Sin’s recently released CD We Are Revealed was completed recently by filmmaker Rukshan Thenuwara. Like the video for “El Cid,” this one too was shot in California. The costume, the … Continue reading

First Show of the New Year

Well, Boston, you’ll be the first to see There Is No Sin this year! They’re playing a show at Store 54 this Saturday alongside Boston faves Embrionic. They’re on at about 10:30 from what we hear. For emerging details, you … Continue reading

Best Album of 2011!

Breaking news! The new CD by There Is No Sin just topped the Best of List by the Portland Phoenix! It was ranked #1 on the list of local releases in 2011 by their resident music guru Sam Pfeifle! Awesome! … Continue reading

It’s Shipping Day at Clip!

The second round of “We Are Revealed” CDs are shipping Monday morning. Today though, we’ve got our work cut out for us. We’re assembling the packages as fast as we can. If you’ve been waiting this past week, don’t worry! … Continue reading

We Have Launch: There Is No Sin’s CD!

October 25th, 2011 We Are Revealed The NEW release by There Is No Sin CD + 50 Page Book Photography by Christophe Garnier Lyrics, Images and Story by Troy Keiper 1. Arrive 2. El Cid 3. Untitled 4. Answers 5. … Continue reading

Portland Phoenix Review of We Are Revealed!

We woke up to some great news! Sam Pfeifle, the Portland Phoenix’s music editor, just printed a wonderfully insightful review of the new There Is No Sin CD in this week’s edition. One of our favorite quotes reads: The result … Continue reading